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Effortless and secure staking to boost rewards while earning an impressive return on your digital assets.

Stake with us on the Matic Network

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A commitment to community above all else

As active participants in decentralized communities, we understand the nuances and strengths of each network we support. We leverage our experience - as investors and innovators - to select only the best networks.

Earn Rewards and a Return

Every validator node feeds liquidity into the Polyient DEX. Trade your staking rewards or add liquidity to earn on transaction fees and farm additional tokens.

Custody Free and Anonymous

We never take custody of your assets and our services are 100% anonymous. You are free to come and go as you please.

Secure Infrastructure and Ops

The blockchain never stops and neither do our nodes. We run all validator nodes on high availability, premium cloud computing hardware. We prioritize high performance and “always on” service that greatly minimizes risk to all assets at stake.

Experience and Dedication

As early proponents of decentralized technology we’ve seen the good, the bad, and ugly. We apply our expertise to inform a holistic staking strategy that maximizes yield opportunities while mitigating risk around untested protocols

Our Partner Network

Decentralized networks are bound by a tight knit networks of passionate participants. As active players in the top decentralized networks, we leverage the strength of our partnership network to discover new staking opportunities and provide top tier staking services.

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